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2018 Ontario Soccer Summit - Group Registration


Group Registration

Welcome to the 2018 Ontario Soccer Summit Group Registration, on this page you may register your group of 10 or more. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email which includes a link for the Individual registration. All group members MUST complete this to select their sessions and complete basic personal information. 

If you would like to be invoiced Contact Robyn Gmeindl <Information Below> for Group Discount Code, will provide 100% off at checkout .

  1. Register group 
  2. You will be emailed by Robyn Gmeindl for individual group member discount codes 
  3. Distribute single use discount codes to group members. Your organization will be invoiced for every code used. Please bear this in mind when distributing 
  4. All members MUST complete the individual 2018 Ontario Soccer Summit registration, link provided in confirmation email. Discount code will provide 100% off at checkout. 
  5. You may add or edit your group through the links provided in the confirmation email.

*Please note, if adding people to your group after the original registration, the system will charge based on the size of said group. Please contact Robyn Gmeindl to work out a solution.

Payment & Refund Policy

  1. Registrants, group or otherwise, agree commit, in full, to the entirety of the price of their admission with completion of the registration process. Registrants not able to attend will not be eligible for refunds. Nor will groups whom have members unable to attend be eligible for a refund of the given persons fees. As a result, all registrations are fully transferable to another individual, at the full fee charged. If transferring ticket to another individual, the fee will remain unchanged, including any scenario in which the new ticket holder falls into a different registration category. 
  2. Special Interest categories (Female Mentorship Program, Learning Facilitators, District Administrators, Day Passes, and Youth registrants) will not be eligible for group discounts and will not count towards the group total. 
  3. Groups wishing to be invoiced for their members participation, will be required to agree on terms with Ontario Soccer. Once agreed upon, the rate will stand and will be invoiced for prior to the 2018 Soccer Summit, unless otherwise agreed on. All invoices issued by Ontario Soccer require payment within 30 days of receipt.


Please direct any questions regarding group registration to:

Robyn Gmeindl

Coordinator, Events

Phone: 905-264-9390 x230